Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eat here

This is what Vancouver looked like yesterday. It was 10 degrees on the winning side of zero, mostly sunny and it felt like spring. Spring at the top of February. Love it! 
It also meant that PAJO's famous fish and chips was open for business again for the new season.
We had been enjoying a culinary tour around the historic fishing village of Steveston, which is part of Richmond, which is a suburb of Vancouver. We had brownies and tea at a lovely farm house, locally roasted coffee at a spot that sells gourmet coffee and cigars, we stopped in at an impressive Italian market and its adjoining restaurant, we had jumbo shrimp at a cool new waterfront restaurant and bar, and our last stop was PAJO's at the wharf.  Or should I say, on the wharf. Because PAJO's is a floating seafood shack. 
It's been here for decades. They fry local cod, salmon and the creme de la creme, halibut, all served in a paper cone sided by killer slaw, tartar sauce and fresh cut fries. 
This is the best fish and chips feed I've ever had. There was something to the batter -- an unidentifiable flavour that you wouldn't think would be in there, but totally works. (It's not vanilla, but it's that idea.)
And the crunch? I've never experienced anything like it; somehow soft and crunchy all at the same time.
If clouds were filled with tender fish, then battered and deep fried, this is what they'd taste like.

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