Friday, April 24, 2009

This just in: Five easy steps to getting that BBQ grilling

Oh, the joys of spring: Robin redbreasts, budding flowers, the unmistakable scent of dog shit in the air... It's also time to clean. A big spring cleaning. And that includes prepping the BBQ for the outdoor cooking season. 
Here are five tips from the good people at Napolean Grills to help you safely light your fire.
1. Have your cleaning supplies ready: A brass wire brush, small pail to hold hot water, dish soap, venturi brush, a 1/16" drill bit, replacement grease cups, spatula, stainless steel cleaner and some fine sandpaper. (It almost sounds like a Debbie Travis project!)
2. Start cleaning: Remove the burners for a thorough cleaning. Pass a venturi brush through the burners to clear blockages then brush the tops with the brass wire brush. Once clean, check to make sure all burners are open. If some of the ports are still closed, use that drill bit to open them up. Wash grill with hot, soapy water, then brush with a little oil to re-season it. Hot, soapy water also works wonders on removing grease and grime from the exterior of the BBQ. Finally, use a spatula to scrape grease from the inside of the base all the way down to the drip pan. Remove the drip pan and give it a good washing. Remember to replace the grease catcher.
3. Inspect all hoses and feed tubes: This is a visual inspection. Look for crimps and punctures. If you see any, replace them.
4. Do a leak test of the grill: For complete leak test information, check out the leak test video at their site. 
5. Check all ignition parts: For battery ignitions it's a good idea to replace the old batteries with new ones. Check electrode leads and ensure the tips are clean and have no grease or rust buildup on them. If they do, get out that sandpaper and clean them.
Enjoy your wieners!

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