Friday, July 24, 2009

This just in: Drink your troubles away

Forest fires
Garbage strike
VIA strike
Swine flu...

So far the summer of '09 is resembling the 10 plagues of Egypt more than a sun-kissed sojourn. But Eight Wine Bar and Restaurant in Toronto's Cosmopolitan hotel is here to help -- help you drink your troubles away.

As of today (July 24) many of the sought after wines from the Zoltan Szabo-curated wine card can be had for just $1 per ounce on Fridays, while chef Derek Kennedy's tasty plates will run you around $8, between 5-9pm (can you say "happy hour?")

We're talking everything from fine Bordeaux to Cabernet from the Galilee, Mission Hill's Occulus and Daniel Lenko's Viognier. (I'm not sure if all of these are available by the glass, but they are all on the globally inclusive menu.)

So drink up! And if it's any consolation, August is just around the corner.

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