Thursday, October 22, 2009

My new favourite sandwich

Move over lettuce, tomato and mayo. Now that I’m totally addicted to corn tortillas, they’ve become my go-to sandwich starch.

So, in turn, here’s my new favourite lunch: Shmear one small corn tortilla with spicy salsa and sprinkle with a mitt full of grated cheese. Top with the other tortilla and heat in a small dry pan (or in the microwave) for about 40 seconds, or until tortillas soften and cheese melts. (Full disclosure: If I had had some beans on hand, I would have thrown them in too.) Meanwhile, chop up some juicy tomato, smooth avocado and a bit of cilantro. Squeeze on some lime if you’ve got one handy. Toss the salad (aka fresh salsa) together and add a small pinch of good salt. Spoon mixture overtop the cooked tortilla, then drizzle on a spoonful of sour cream or yoghurt and a dash of hot sauce. I just love how the hot stays hot and the cool stays cool.

This happens to be a very of-the-moment posting, as I'm off to Mexico City tomorrow morning for a week of cooking school. I'll try to blog while I'm gone.


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Unknown said...

Wow this sandwich looks amazing! I must admit I also love corn tortillas and usually eat them dipped in this amazing Mexican guacamole. You can check out the recipe here:

Enjoy :)