Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm sorry I missed it

A few weeks ago I was invited to bring my nephew and nieces to a kidz kulinary event (my spelling) to be held at Nella Cucina in Toronto, to introduce busy families to the wonders of the Dr. Oetker Shaker line of "just add milk or water", shake and bake batters.

Cut to yesterday: I had been travelling for almost five solid weeks, flew home on the 15th and was basically bedridden on the 16th with aches and pains and an inability to get out of bed. (I was just soooo tired.) Fearful of contaminating a cooking class full of children, I bowed out but sent my brother and sister-in-law along for the afternoon event with their kids.

They all returned hopped up and happy, and this is what they reported back to me:

Maddie, age 12: "I really enjoyed spending an afternoon experimenting with the Shakers. We had a ton of freedom. So even though everyone was using the same product, everything was unique. The Shakers were also extremely easy to make, so the kids got to do pretty much all of the baking. I thought the whole afternoon was a great experience but my favourite part was seeing how many different ways you can use something as simple as Shakers. My favourite flavour was the vanilla cupcakes." (A regular pitch-woman, that niece of mine.)

Emily, age 10: "I liked how you got to pick what you make, and how you get a chance to be creative with the decorating. My favourite was the chocolate cupcakes. All you have to do is add milk, then shake! It was a great experience."

Isaac, age 9: "I liked the pizza that they served. I also liked the cupcakes because there were three contests: 'Best use of red, white and blue', 'best use of candy' and 'best use of two cupcakes'. The vanilla cupcakes were my favourite."

Julia, age 6: "I liked the decorating part. You got to choose what you make (pancakes, muffins or cupcakes) and choose what you want on it. My favourite was the vanilla cupcakes."

They came home toting a bag of Shakers so I'll do some test-driving of my own at the cottage during March Break.

And in case you were worried, I made a quick recovery and was back to normal within 24 hrs. Some day scientists will study me.


Anonymous said...

My kids loved them too. It was the chocolate chip pancakes that won top rating from Ethan, 7. Cameron, 5 liked the cupcakes but was most impressed with the bowl of gummy bears that were supposed to be used to decorate but became a meal instead. He also liked the icing.

Amy said...

Funny, we tried the pancakes out at the cottage, and the buttermilk ones were a big hit while the chocolate chip ones were a flop.