Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 30 things you do when you’re away that you normally wouldn’t do at home

We all do stuff when travelling that we don't get to do at home -- all part of the appeal of visiting far-flung places. Herewith, I present my comprehensive list of 30 things you do when you’re away that you normally wouldn’t do at home. If you have any to add, by all means, be my guest.

Sleep under the stars

Go fishin’

Go off-roading

Skeet shooting


Bungee jump

Go whitewater canoeing

Buy your lunch at a market and then enjoy it by a babbling brook

Sit in the bath like waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean for eight hours straight

Go horseback riding

Eat four Swiss Movenpick ice creams or four Italian gelatos (locale dependant) every day for a week

Smoke opium

Drive standard

Go rapelling

Jump off a cliff into a quarry full of water

Go snorkeling or scuba diving

Go shopping. (I almost never shop at home, yet I always shop when I’m away. Why? Better stuff? Time? I can’t be sure.)

Send a postcard

Climb a tower, eg. Eiffel, Pisa, CN

Visit three galleries in a single day

Drink lots of good wine

Drink lots of bad wine

Drink moonshine

Take a bath with lavender salts

Have a 2.5hr treatment at a spa then go ocean kayaking

Ride a motorcycle

Ride a donkey

Ride an elephant

Ride a camel

Have dessert at breakfast lunch, and dinner


Shelley said...

Love this list! Ahahaha drink lots of good wine, but drink lots of bad wine??? That's awesome. I've done probably 1/4 of the things on your list... (i.e. rapelling in Costa Rica and eating a million different kinds of gelato everyday in Italy) but I'd LOVE to try (dare I say) smokin' opium somewhere crazy or whitewater canoeing! How different is whitewater canoeing from whitewater rafting?

Travelling is essential in life. Too bad people don't value it half as much as they should.

Amy said...

Great comment Shelley. Glad to hear you're living the life. I went whitewater canoeing in northern Manitoba, basically, by accident. I didn't notice the part on the canoe trip that said "whitewater". In a word, terrifying! But I lived, so it was fun.

Shelley said...

Omg! That's jokes. A pleasant, peaceful canoe ride gone wrong. At least you had fun! I haven't really been to Manitoba, but I'm interested in travelling the province since its rarely talked about.

Alberta's Lake Louise is my fave ♥. Can't wait to go back and hike kms and kms of the trails that surround it. In terms of international travel, Canada is so under-rated.

Sherry F said...

I love the suggestions an have done a bunch of them in my travels. Not the smoking opium, mind you (not my thing!) but hope to try many of the others in trips to come! The list could also include eating at a shrimp truck in Hawaii - that was yummy! I so wish I was independently wealthy so I could travel the world as I would like to do!