Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer break

Hello people of the Internet.
Just a quick 'hey' to say I've decided it's too hot and too summery to be cooking or sitting at a computer (when I'm not cooking or sitting at a computer for work.)
Instead, I'm going to go swimming and eat more ice cream, and I'll see you back here around Labour Day, unless something really big happens that I want to tell you about.
So until then, keep up with me at my blog at House & Home magazine, my weekly column at the National Post, etc.
And until then, have a sweet and shvitzy rest of your summer!


Carol Perehudoff said...

Well, Amy, I suppose we'll leave you to your little holiday without being too annoyed. Kidding! Have a great summer - and an exciting vacay with the polar bears. Or wait, belugas? Igloo building? What the heck are you doing up there?

Anonymous said...

OK, Amy - summer is unofficially over. We miss you - come on back!