Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snack of the day

Childhood friends can be divided into two factions: Those who grew up eating sweet cereal, and those who snacked at the homes of those whose nice moms bought them sweet cold cereals. For a brief moment I was the former, but became the latter when my mom went back to school to become a Dietitian. Suddenly, out went the Cap'n Crunch and Pop-Tarts, in came the demerara sugar and Tofutti. Trying times, indeed.
Even so, after that, the nutritional lessons somehow stuck and as an adult I never reverted back to sweet cereals. That is, until last week when I bought home a box of something I simply could not resist.
A quick survey of the box showed nutritional promise, with its whole grains, low fat, seven vitamins and free Yoplait coupon.
Upon comparing it to my box of Great Grains cereal (also new to me, and I must admit I'm not enjoying it at all), this new Chocolate Cheerios label's news got even more cheery. Less fat than the "healthy" cereal, less sodium, and less sugar too, (though there is still way too much sugar in it to serve to kids in the morning; consider it a kinder sweet snack.) What's more, the fibre and vitamins post lackluster standings, but that's what fruits and veggies are for.
When I opt for a cold breakfast cereal I'm asking for a great tasting instant meal with my morning tea that'll give me a quick start to the day so that I have enough energy to bike to work before indulging in a secondary breakfast of coffee with cream and sundry pastries. (Oopsies.)
Of course, all of this Chocolate Cheerios news means nothing if the taste isn't there. Well let me tell you, it's there alright, a perfect mix of toasted Os with a deep hit of sweet, cocoa-y childhood nostalgia. This will be my new go-to breakfast cereal, as it also works wonders as a chocolate-satiating snack.
And if I happen to feel like Seinfeld while eating cold cereal in the middle of the day, so much the better.

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Sherry F said...

I laughed at your comments about the differences in childhood friends being able to eat sugary cereal or not. In my teens I had one friend who loved to come over and make "white" toast with real butter at my house (she "only" had multigrain bread)(and margarine). 30 years later and now I need to ask her what kind of cereal they had (we had the sugary stuff! LOL) For the record, my kids get both. :)