Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My morning ritual

Damn. Looks like more snow. More shovelling. More slush. More red noses and cold toes. 
Why not take the edge off like I do? With a mug of sweet tea: Orange pekoe steeped in the mug for no more than a minute, then spiked with milk and the best honey I can find. (My honey du jour is from Arlo's Honey Farm in Kelowna, BC.) 
It wakes me up, hits me in the brain and makes me smile every time. 


Unknown said...

Tetley? Typhoo? T? Name your brand, Amy.

Amy said...

Tetley, the round bags. I don't know if it's the best brand out there, but this way I don't have any strings or paper falling into the mug.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! This is my feel-good drink, too. I have consumed A LOT of this orange pekoe-goodness in the last month.

Anonymous said...

It's funny - I put honey in every other kind of tea, and I prefer brown sugar in my coffee, but with orange pekoe, I have to have white sugar and nothing but.

I think it's a food (or rather, drink) memory thing, as when I first started drinking tea, it was with about 7 teaspoons of white sugar, and while I limit myself to a teaspoon or so now, it still takes me back.