Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As a food and travel writer, I travel and eat a lot -- and I don't like the fun to stop once I've returned home. That's why my souvenirs of choice are almost always things I can eat: Usually situation-appropriate hot sauces, wines, jams and other local specialties (sometimes contraband, usually not.)
Often, I'm more interested in the packaging than the product within, as is the case with the squeeze bottle of mustard I got in Iceland this fall. Look at it: Who wouldn't fall for a wiener in a chef's cap? (And, little known fact: Reykjavik dishes out some of the best hot dogs in the world.)
Duty calls and I'm off to Zurich this afternoon, just for a few days. This means I won't be blogging again until recipe Monday, at which time I'll be kicking off a specially themed week that will include new recipes each and every day.
While in Zurich I plan to eat nothing but Swiss chocolate until my flight home on Sunday.
So, here's a hint: Next week's recipes will be the opposite of chocolate. 

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