Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eat here

It may have been the perfect Saturday night -- Paul Blart: Mall Cop, followed by a late night snack at Chipotle. I kid; the movie was a 6/10 at best. (But honestly, what were we expecting?)
It was my soft tacos that made the night. 
For our American friends, Chipotle is nothing new. But for me, this smarter than your average bear Mexican grille is brand new to Toronto, and puts other fast food spots to shame. Taco Bell might as well sit in a corner wearing a dunce cap for the next decade as far as I'm concerned. 
Here's why: Chipotle's menu is simple, and because of that the staff moves like a minor league baseball team. They've got the skills, the energy, and they're in it to win it. 
Next, the price. Everything costs $7.50. Done.
Finally, the menu: Your choices are Burrito, Fajita Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Tacos or Salad. That's it. These may be filled with your choice of naturally raised meats like marinated grilled chicken, just as flavourful grilled steak, pork that's been seared then braised, braised shredded beef, and the vegetarian, which believe you me is no afterthought. 
Then they load them up with fresh toppings, including a selection of house-made salsas, guac, sharp cheese and pert lettuce, and then you can either continue along on your merry way, or take a seat and dig into your 5-napkin dinner. I'd suggest the latter. 
Hey, I just realized something. Even mediocre movies have a silver lining.


WarrenWords said...

Chipotle sounds great. Where is it? Love your blog. isobel.

Amy said...

Beside the new AMC movie theatre at the Yonge Dundas Square, on Yonge Street (proper address should be on site at link. I'm no good with directions.)