Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eat here

I was fresh off the plane, had jet lag, and wasn't planning on going anywhere fast. But then my friend Shinan emailed me with the subject heading "impromptu", and before I knew it we were having a late night dinner at the Black Hoof on Dundas Street. 
The restaurant was Shinan's suggestion, and was recently rated as one of food critic James Chatto's best new restaurants in Toronto.
As it turns out, I cannot imagine a better way to fight a five-hour time difference than through house made charcuterie, octopus salad, roasted bone marrow and red wine. 
And horse meat. Horse tartare, to be more specific. A first for both of us -- our waitress had twisted our arms so dramatically that we basically had no choice but to order it. She was just so passionate about this new menu item -- making its debut that night -- that we couldn't say no, even though I'm kind of past my food dares phase. 
Okay, save your finger wagging for someone who's listening: The tartare was as delicious as she had billed it: A somehow clean, lean meat, not gamey at all, like the purest, lightest beef you'll ever taste. 
It was the highlight of a great night at a wonderfully crammed boite, full of great food, good gossip and cheer, and owners who seem to really care. 

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