Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Choo-choo, Yum Yum, chew, chew

While recently travelling to Ottawa on VIA 1, lunch was Korean beef with broccoli and sesame sticky rice, plus key lime mousse for dessert. The marinated grilled beef had a pleasant blush to it; the broccoli florets were done tender-crisp and then hit with pine nuts. And you know the beef had to be tender -- they only give you a butter knife with which to cut it, after all.
As for dessert, sadly, it tasted like a citrus-based house cleanser: Not Vim, but that idea.
Still, I've got to say I'm in love with the VIA 1 train service, from the roomy seats to the window views, the not too shabby Ontario wines and the nice attendants who gave me extra bags of Viva Yum Yum vegetable chips, just because I casually mentioned how much I liked them.
These are all little things, of course, but they all add up to one big thing.
What's your best food experience on a train or plane?

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