Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fresh from Norway

A few months ago I climbed aboard the MS Trollfjord, a gleaming steamer ship in the Norwegian Hurtigruten line, that travels through the northern fjord towns while transporting locals, goods, mail and tourists. I was there for a week-long trip though Norway's beatific coastline. And while it was a cruise by definition, midnight chocolate buffets were decidedly not on the menu. In fact, by the time the week was up, I felt healthier than I had in ages and my Omega-3 levels were skyrocketing. 
That's because while the food was spectacular -- buffets for breakfast and lunch, a gourmet three-courser for a seated dinner -- it was also rich in the local catch. Here's an example of just some of the fish dishes available at lunch on any given day (in addition to the rest of the buffet offerings)...
Marinated trout, smoked herring, marinated Greenland halibut (dilly), fish in aspic, curry herring, tomato herring, wine-marinated herring, the roe of capelin (yellow, black and orange), marinated char, fish cakes and shrimp salad. 
There was even more, but I got lazy and hungry so put down my pen and picked up a fork. 
By the way, I took this photo at one of our 34 ports of call, then used the Tilt Shift site to make it look coolly miniature. 

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