Thursday, September 3, 2009

A cookie for every season

It’s back to school next week, which is another way of saying that summer’s officially over. But here’s one last shot, a pretty picture of my niece with some beautifully decorated cookies. (Only Rosens make cookies in their bathing suits.)

I should add that the cookies were totally gross. We had found some unlabelled dough in the freezer and figured it was sugar dough. It wasn’t. (Still not sure what it was; maybe a savoury pie crust?) Either way, let this be a lesson: Never decorate unmarked freezer dough.

But even if eating them wasn’t that much fun, making them sure was. And isn’t that half the joy of cooking and baking?

I recently found an even better way to get great, homemade cookies in a flash. Click here to find out where and how. (Yum.)

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