Monday, September 14, 2009

New-school tomatoes provencal

I’m a sucker for clamshell tomatoes on the vine. When you can’t get nice Ontario plum or field tomatoes or even snazzier heirlooms, I always say there’s nothing wrong with good old hydroponics. So I bought some. A new varietal to me, in fact. Seems like we’ve moved on from cherry and grape tomatoes, as these ones are called strawberry tomatoes.

They looked good but tasted only a little better than the plastic they came in, so I thought I’d roast them off to sweeten them up. And then I thought, why not go whole hog and make a side dish I could get excited about?

So I drizzled them with oil, mashed together some breadcrumbs with a clove of garlic, some fresh herbs, salt, chili flakes and a pinch of herbs de provence and then sprinkled that all overtop. Then I drizzled the lot with a little more olive oil and set it all under the broiler. But after a couple of minutes I got to thinking that a few slices of goat cheese would probably taste pretty awesome, so I stuck them in there too.

And that was my Tuesday night.

(P.S. This is obviously also great over pasta.)

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