Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ontario Strawberries: Yay!

A person who doesn’t love a sun-kissed freshly picked Ontario strawberry – as juicy as a piece of Hubba Bubba that’s been warming in your pocket; as hotly anticipated as a first kiss -- is a person who is not to be trusted. (Should you happen to meet such a person, you are to immediately curtail all conversation and walk in the opposite direction at a speedy clip.)

I had my first taste of the 2010 strawberry season during a lovely and languid breakfast at Langdon Hall a few weeks ago, and looked forward to having many, many more tastes of strawberry in the ensuing weeks, seeing as I am a person who can totally be trusted (save for a few white lies to save peoples’ feelings/prevent me from getting in trouble.)

Fresh seasonal strawberries are delicious, and unlike rhubarb, they can be happily eaten raw, or spun into all manner of goodies, be it a pavlova, or a strawberry and cream cheese sandwich on toasted walnut bread (I just thought that up. Note to self: must try.) Hit your berries with a splash of gastrique and some black pepper. Try doing this -- mixed with a cup or so of chopped strawberries. And if you have a bunch that are getting a little long in the tooth, just cook ‘em.

I guess what I’m saying is, strawberries are in season right now and they are delicious and you should eat a lot of them and you should believe me when I say this because I am a person who can totally be trusted.

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