Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This just in: A cure for the hiccups

When I get the hiccups it’s not a dainty Betty Boop, oopsy-do scenario. It’s deep, heavy, gut-wrenching, mournful, aggressive hiccups that sound like a bullfrog crossed with a blow horn. And they can actually hurt. And sometimes, if I have them for too long, I get nauseous and have to lie down.

They eventually go away (obviously, since I haven’t made it into the Guinness book yet) but imagine my delight when my neighbour Victoria called me just as I suffering through my latest hiccups episode.

“Yeesh,” she said. And then, “I have the cure: Works every time.”

I tried it: It worked! I tried it the next time: Worked again! (If you’re wondering why I get the hiccups so often, it’s because when I’m really thirsty and take a sip of pop, I always get them for a few seconds. It’s been that way ever since I can remember.) By the third time, I was convinced. By the fourth time I was sold. I had friends and family try Victoria’s hiccup cure too: Worked like a charm!

So Victoria was right and I’m making it official: This is the cure to the hiccups and it works every time.

  1. Get a glass of water
  2. Take a sip and then say “7” out loud. Take another sip and say “6” out loud.
  3. Continue counting down until you get to “1”, but by then your hiccups will already be gone.


Anonymous said...

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Megan H Carroll said...

OK, gonna try that.... When I was in university I actually had to leave a class because I was going on hour two of the three hour class of hiccups and my instructor looked at me in disbelief that One could get the hiccups that bad.