Thursday, March 3, 2011

Change is delicious

I just realized that I’m about eight months into my first-ever office job, more than beating the odds set by most of my family and friends, who figured I’d last about two minutes in an office.

“You’ll have to set an alarm in the morning,” they cautioned.

“Everyone will hate you,” they warned.

“You’re not as funny as you think you are,” they said.

“What does my inherent hilarity have to do with working in an office?” I asked.

“Nothing. We just thought you should know that you’re not that funny.”

Either way, I’m still here, as Food Editor at House & Home magazine, and pretty much loving it. It sure helps that my co-workers are that winning combo of smart, funny and nice. And Snack Thursdays in the editorial department have turned out to be an unexpected boon. Also, being able to work here part time while continuing on with my freelance gigs is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve been getting great feedback on the food features, and so far Lynda hasn’t fired me. And Suzanne must have some faith in me too, because as of May there will be a bigger and better stand-alone food section in the magazine for the first time ever. (Psst! It looks great.)

I’m also pretty excited about the April issue (it hits stands in about a week), as it features a bunch of incredible recipes from Milos restaurant. Quite a coup (if I do say so myself), including the Milos Special, which ranks as one of the single best things I have ever eaten in a restaurant.

I have to say that this job, this change, has been good for me. I’m learning new skills every day, especially at the photo shoots where I'm left in awe of the creativity of our food and prop stylists, like Ashley and Sasha. (By the way, Ashley is a man, and those are his hairy knuckles in the photo, not mine.)

So it turns out my family and friends had nothing to worry about after all: I may just make it to a year.

And by the way, my new office friends think I’m hilarious.

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Carol Perehudoff said...

But do your coworkers think you're funny?