Friday, February 25, 2011

Eat here: Satteleihuette

This is a meal from one of four huts in the Baiersbronn hiking region, deep within Germany's Black Forest. The "hut" is a gorgeous post and beam structure, while the menu of traditional local food is carved into wooden menus; your order then served by smiling women in dirndls.
The fire burned brightly as both hikers and villagers out for a stroll, put down their walking sticks and picked up glasses of beer and Riesling, and forks with which to dig into plates of traditional ravioli sided by creamy potato salad, beef soup, meatballs, and apple cake with whipped cream.
You know, a nice light lunch.

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Carol Perehudoff said...

I hadn't the weirdest bath ever there. For one thing it was communal - there were 3 of us in a big wooden tub and we looked like calendar elves - strange little outfits with pointy hats but very short with our abs showing (wait - what abs?) And then they kept throwing new ingredients in, all very healthy and fragrant and healing, but it was a bit like a human stew. Hilarious! I got very clean, though.