Friday, April 8, 2011

Snack of the day

I was in NYC last week, visiting with friends then attending a conference, but darn it if I didn't partake of some of the great street food Manhattan has to offer. With everything from falafel to tacos on four wheels, the best new snack I tried was a bag of warm roasted coconut chunks covered in caramelized sugar.
I'm going to figure out how to make these nutty, crunchy, soft and sweet bites of heaven (because I must. Have. More. Right. Now) and will get back to you with a recipe. In the meantime, if you happen to know how to make them, please. Tell. Me. Now.


Sherry F said...

Did you figure out a recipe yet? They look amazing and I would be very happy to make them. Unless you wanted to make them and send them to me. That would make me even happier! LOL

Amy said...

No, not yet. But my guess is that it's just roasted chunks of coconut tossed in caramelized sugar, maybe with a touch of salt and vanilla and maybe baking soda to make it a little frothy. Will try it out as soon as I get a chance. Mmmmcoconut.