Friday, April 15, 2011


One of the things I like about working at Canadian House & Home magazine, is that over in the wee editorial section we have what's called Snack Thursdays, and it’s fairly serious stuff. There’s a schedule for it and everything, and god forbid you forget it’s your turn and show up empty handed, everyone will ignore you and Katie G. will tear you a new one.

I think Kimberley B. is the unofficial snack queen, as she’s a great baker and usually finds a way to swirl cream cheese into her treats (always a good idea.) Gwen usually dials it in (Timbits, Gwen. Really?) But all in all it’s always enjoyable and breaks up the Thursday doldrums.

And now for some late-breaking news about a totally new, snacky site: The girls over in design also enjoy their afternoon treats, so much so that Leslie and Jenn have just launched a handy blog that I’m sure is going to take the snack-loving Internet by storm.

As for the National Nosh, I’ve blogged about snacks many times before, such as here, here, here and here. Here too. And lest we forget, here? That said, I’m always open to new snack discoveries, and look forward to visiting the gals in design, both a few steps away in the office, and now freshly minted, on the Internet at Work Snacks.

Finally, Passover, that most unleavened of Jewish holidays, starts on Monday, so please be kind to your Jewish friends all next week, even if they're acting more grumpy than usual. (They're probably a little constipated.) Or, go one step further and bring a smile to their punims by making this totally tasty Passover snack.

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