Sunday, February 12, 2012

On eating with a cold

This week it finally hit: I got a cold. But not just any old cold. This one woke me from a deep sleep at 3:30 a.m., filling my sinuses, ears and throat with such pressure that I thought my head would pop off. It was the most sudden cold onset ever! I hopped out of bed, popped an Advil, blew my nose and it was game on. About four days, 1.5 boxes of Kleenex and a few envelopes of delicious NeoCitran later, the cold is basically gone. But with a busy schedule this past week, what with a food shoot and finishing up at one job before starting another tomorrow, I had to push on through.

I tried to sneeze into the crook of my elbow while trying to enjoy my nights out, and along the way devised some tips on how to eat with a cold. Here they are:

1. THINK TEXTURE. I was invited to dinner at Colborne Lane at the height of my cold and it was too late to cancel. So on the one hand, I couldn’t taste a damn thing -- what a waste. But on the other hand, I took more notice of the gorgeous-looking dishes being served and reveled in all of the amazing textures. Crunchy, airy, smooth, cold and warm, my tastebuds may have been dead but my tongue was alive! At home if you feel like snacking, think apples, celery, popcorn, whole grain cereal and other good-for-you foods that will fight hunger and boost your system without you caring whether or not they taste great. Because you can’t taste them anyway!

2. EAT ORANGES. I had been expecting this cold for about a month. Everyone at work had been sick and I was convinced that my seasonal mandarin orange habit was keeping the cold at bay. Sure enough, the day after my third crate ran out my cold stormed in. I honestly feel if you OD on vitamin C you will not get a cold. If you don’t want to eat them, juice ‘em.

3. NO FINGER FOODS. Now is not the time for sharing. Keep your mitts off the chips and M&Ms at get-togethers and don’t indulge in shared fries or finger foods because you’ll just lick your fingers, then on spreads the virus. Ask your host for your own plate and fork even if none are being offered, then keep your food and germs to yourself. No hugs or air-kissing either. Don’t even clink wine glasses. Wash your hands often, with soap. Try to be thoughtful and soon enough your cold will be gone -- and your friends won’t blame you for passing it on to them.

And that’s what I learned this week. I’m heading off to sunnier climes next weekend so I’ll report back in two weeks time. Adios amigos!

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Sherry F said...

I am 3.5 days into this horrible cold. A bit of a pathetic mess between the random running of my one eye or my nose. I lost my taste buds yesterday, but thankfully regained them today.
I work with a woman who lost her sense of smell and taste about 18 months ago and has had to resort to getting pleasure from food through texture all the time now. I must remember to try that with the next cold....