Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snacky things for Oscar

I just returned from vacation and I’m still on Club Med time, but since the Oscars are tonight I thought I’d be as uncreative as traditional media and do a quickie post about snacky things you can serve to guests while watching the big show.

Leafing through past blog posts, I had almost forgotten about my new favourite olives, while these lemony mushrooms have been part of my regular repertoire for a decade.
Feta red pepper dip? So easy! (Tip: Why not make some hummus while you’re at it?)
Shrimp are both tasty and fancy.
And everyone loves homemade caramel corn.
Meanwhile, a party can only be improved upon with the inclusion of Ritz Bits.
Oh, and offering something sweet is a must.
So, that's it. Good luck on your Oscar pools, and here’s hoping that the big show won’t be as lame as this blog post! (But seriously, there's a lot of good info tucked in here.)

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