Friday, September 17, 2010


This is a new favourite nibble of mine, green olives in brine. I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t she just say green olives? Does she think she’s better than us?”

I said green olives in brine because these are not the typical tangy, salty olives that most of us plop into our martinis or use as a topping on our pizzas.

Though they are brined – you cannot eat olives raw – it’s with the lightest touch so that what you taste is the newness, the almost greenness of these big fat olives – it’s a very subtle almost nondescript flavour, really -- a tap on the shoulder rather than the punch in the face that is a heavy salt and vinegar cure.

I know that I’ve eaten these green olives in brine before, somewhere, somehow, and Morocco, or the Mediterranean come to mind (don’t I sound all worldly?)

I happened to buy these beauties at my corner Italian grocery, not that that really says much.

After all, they sell Gryfe’s bagels and jars of matzo ball soup there, too.

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