Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 13 things I learned this year

Let me clarify. These are the top food trends I wrote about this year. A couple are definite head-scratchers one is more interesting than it is tasty, but most are downright delicious.

Simply hit the links and enjoy.

1. More than just chocolate-covered bacon: Meat as dessert.

2. A proud personal moment: The Utne reader blogged about my story on the Predatory Foodie. Me! In Utne!

3. Is eco-friendly farmed salmon too good to be true? I looked behind the label and was more confused than a virgin on prom night.

4. This story is about all the places that let us mix crap we like into our food (a.k.a. bespoke desserts), specifically, a new cookie shop called Sweet Flour Bake Shop.

5. Chick-friendly wine labels are the equivalent of breaking a fingernail. (It ain’t pretty.)

6. The food in Iceland is both disturbing and disturbingly delicious.

7. Toronto has great food too.

8. Meanwhile, the best food in Vancouver may just be in the suburbs.

9. A secret charcuterie web site.

10. Hummus: Now, more than ever.

11. Turkey for the holidays? That’s so 2008. Try this instead.

12. Recessionary times call for recessionary dining.

13. If there’s an apocalypse and some of us survive, we’ll be okay. Because cooking outside is so damned tasty.

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