Thursday, December 17, 2009

This just in: Secret Santa Alert!

I wrote about the new Sexy Gourmet Food Inc. in my Dish column a while back: This winning line of spice blends, created by a group of Toronto-based friends, is like the Mrs. Dash for the hot pants set. The set of spice blends, in essence, take the guesswork out of mimicking various cultures’ indigenous spicing and include Italian, Indian, and 5 Spice, among others. They’re all mixed together with some flakey crystal salt, making for a nice finishing touch -- or a handy slap on the ass for your wintry braised dishes.

The burgeoning company seems to be doing well. So much so that now they’ve come up with some sweet-as-sugar packaging for their latest line, called Sexy Sweets. These chocolate covered Pretzel Nuggitz (sic), hit all the crunchy, salty and chocolate notes in four bite-sized flavours that are mixed together in the box: Crantastic Dark Chocolate, Tastee Toffee Dark Chocolate, Smarty Pants Milk Chocolate and Prisma-Dreamz White Chocolate.

And while I’m not sure what some of those words mean, I can tell you that these wee boxes would fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking, and that they retail for about $10.99 for the small size.

Psst: Also great for Chanukah.

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Carol said...

Delicious post, Amy. No wonder they call chocolate an aphrodisiac. I was justing writing an article about chocolate, and with all its mood-enhancing hormones like serotonin, health-boosting anti-oxidents and smooth melty texture, how can you go wrong? Long live smarty pants sweets, or whatever those sexy chocolates are called. But prisma-dreams? Not quite getting it.