Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun but insane

This massive box wrapped in festive holiday paper and weighing in at a solid 30 pounds was delivered to my door December 1st. Inside, I found 25 individually gift-wrapped products, all of which are sprung from the pages of the latest President’s Choice Insider's Report. Each is labeled 1 through 25, like a giant advent grocery box.

It’s a gutsy move, sending out this unsolicited box that’s meant to hang around for the better part of a month. After all, downtown homes and lofts aren’t exactly known for their generous, box-storing floor plans.

But this is my first time having an advent anything, so I want to do it right. I’m assuming nothing is perishable (no shrimp rings, I hope), and I also know I’ll be doing a major drop-off at the food bank on the 25th.

But I am keeping prezzie #1, PC Mulled Apple naturally flavoured sparkling soda (just $1 a bottle), because it’s new and I have a cold and it looks refreshing, plus I don’t think the food bank would accept a 2L bottle of carbonated refreshment because it could explode. And then Christmas would be ruined!

I’m also keeping gift #2, which is a cake server, because it’s not food.

But I swear, today’s product, #3, will be the last thing I keep, a box of their new chocolate truffles dusted in cocoa powder, imported from France.

Because I never give away free chocolate.

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