Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun with leftovers: Orange Chinese cashew chicken

Game plan:

Put some basmati rice on the stove to cook (follow package directions.)

Shred leftover chicken and toss with Hoisin sauce and a mounded Tbsp of orange zest.

Mince a couple of cloves of garlic and a knob of fresh ginger and slice up a few green onions (reserve one green onion for garnish.)

Segment the orange that you used for the zest, letting any juice fall into the chicken. (You'll need about half an orange for each serving of chicken.)

Get some cashews at the ready (I keep them in the freezer so they’re always there for me when I need them -- without going rancid.) Say, a scant handful for each serving of chicken.

Dribble a bit of vegetable oil in a pan or wok, and then cook the garlic, ginger and green onion for a minute or until fragrant.

Toss in the shredded chicken mixture and warm through. Add the orange segments, some chili flakes, and then the cashews. Toss around for a couple of minutes more. Serve on warm basmati rice and top with green onion.

How fun was that?

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