Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here yea! Here yeah! Heirloom!

I was in Prince Edward County this week as part of a Slow Food day trip, where we stopped off at local producers like the incredible Fifth Town Artisan Cheese and Sandbanks Estate Winery, as we ate and drank our way through the soon-to-be verdant countryside. At Vickie's Veggies, famous 'round these parts for her glorious tomatoes, we toured the greenhouses and fields, and even picked some spears of asparagus that we ate fresh from the soil. 
Besides the coming growing season, they were also ramping up for their Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale, which starts Victoria day weekend. If you love growing your own tomatoes -- and who doesn't? -- it's worth the drive to Prince Edward County, as Vickie will have over 100 varieties from which to choose, in every colour and shape imaginable. 
Plus, you can stop by for a Buddha Dog on your way out of town.

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