Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This just in: Drinks Matcher Widget

For all of you wine PR reps and agents out there, I am totally onboard with little surprises, like this trio of Wolf Blass Cabs that I found Fedexed to my door a couple of weeks ago. 

Tooootally on board with this. 

I’ll let you know how the Wolf Blass drinking goes, but for now I’m mulling over the suggested food pairing with the 2006 Grey Label Longhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon: “Slow roast roo fillet.” God love the Australians. 

And, should I decide to partake is something other than kangaroo for dinner, I can always consult Natalie MacLean's new Drinks Matcher Widget for my food and wine pairings. And while I may not know exactly what a widget is, I do know that this a portable version of Natalie's site's existing food-and-wine pairing tool.           

Says the press release: During the eight years that Natalie spent testing the combinations for her Drinks Matcher, she found two extremes when it comes to food and wine pairing: "Some people say that it's complete nonsense, while others insist that there's only one perfect match for every wine. Neither approach helps wine lovers."

You can search the matcher for drinks to pair with meat, pasta, seafood, vegetarian dishes, pizza, take-out, sauces, herbs, cheese or dessert; or you can find dishes to go with wine, cocktails, liqueurs, beer, spirits, cider, coffee, tea-and yes, even water. The Drinks Matcher is meant to be a springboard to help you discover the matches you prefer. Be it roo filet or other.

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