Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime! (Um, hello?)

If you live in Toronto you'll know that Old Man Winter and Jack Frost played a bit of a joke on us this week (and I've got a sneaking suspicion Mother Nature had something to do with it too), when they dumped a foot of snow on our fair city, just as I was beginning to take my undiagnosed springtime allergy pills again.
But they can't stop the asparagus from coming up, those tasty green and white spears are like vegetal clockwork, letting us know that spring has finally arrived, especially in Germany, where Spargelsaison rivals Christmas.
I just had my first batch of the year, white meaty, butter-poached white spears, at Nota Bene, imported from Holland, topped with a smack-your-mama Hollandaise sauce. They were awesome, and at $19 for four spears, they were also worth their weight in gold. (Money saving tip: make your own easy Hollandaise here.)
If spring won't truly come, at least we can fake it with a taste of it.

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